Health Benefits

When you own a sauna, it’s easy to hop in and have a great session every day. But, it’s also quite easy to let the little bit of maintenance you should do slide down the “to do” list to the bottom. While there’s not much to taking care of a sauna, keep in mind the … Read More

One of the exciting options for more homeowners remodeling a bathroom is the addition of a sauna to their home. Gone are the days when a jetted tub is a top option for a bathroom update; instead, having a custom sauna retreat is rapidly rising to the top of the list. When you have a … Read More

A study performed at the University of Toyama in Japan reported on by New Scientist, a British science magazine, suggests that sauna use may help those with chronic heart failure. Forty-one participants suffering with chronic heart failure were asked to bathe in a sauna for fifteen minutes five days a week. Once the sauna session … Read More

While there are more and more Americans discovering the desire to own and enjoy a sauna at home every day, many are still unfamiliar with the best way to use a sauna to get maximum health and relaxation benefits. Here are some answers to common questions we’re asked about regular sauna use. How hot should … Read More

For the Finns, much of the Yuletide celebration takes place not on Christmas Day itself, but instead on December 24th, Christmas Eve. In Turku, which is the former capital of Finland, noon on Christmas Eve signifies the beginning of a 20 day period known as “Christmas Peace”. This declaration dates back to the 13th century, … Read More

We’re definitely in the depths of the cold and flu season in November. You can probably travel through your day now and find someone sneezing, coughing, and sniffling…yikes! How do you guard against succumbing to the throes of your own flu or cold dilemma?? One surefire way to boost your body’s natural cold and flu … Read More