Chronic heart condition? Study suggests saunas may help

A study performed at the University of Toyama in Japan reported on by New Scientist, a British science magazine, suggests that sauna use may help those with chronic heart failure.

Forty-one participants suffering with chronic heart failure were asked to bathe in a sauna for fifteen minutes five days a week. Once the sauna session was complete, the subjects were asked to wrap themselves in a blanket for a half hour, helping to keep their body temperature elevated approximately 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit higher thank normal. The study period lasted three weeks.

Once the period ended, it was found that heart function had improved heart function and could exercise for longer periods. New Scientist noted that “Sauna treatment increased the heart’s ability to pump blood, and boosted the distance participants could walk in six minutes from 1,100 feet to 1,250 feet.” This 9% improvement was said to be “significant” for chronic heart failure patients.

The results also found improved function for the membrane lining the heart. This lining aids in controlling blood vessel diameter.

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