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The swim spa—excellent body fat burner for women

It’s no accident whatsoever that female Olympic swimmers have such lithe sculpted bodies with little body fat. The answer, of course (in addition to eating smart) is the exercising and conditioning done in the water. A swim spa at home can give women the perfect opportunity to exercise daily in the comfort of your backyard, … Read More

The makers of Hot Spring Spas purchases Freeflow Spas

Oregon Hot Tub made a change in our hot tub offering nearly four years ago when we partnered with Freeflow Spas. This was a big change for our company—prior to this we had carried only one brand of hot tubs for decades: the family of Hot Spring Spas made by Watkins Manufacturing. Our goal when … Read More

A hot tub or sauna satisfies the “quest for quiet”

Well, this is certainly a sign of the times. People are starting to search out ways to disconnect and find peace and quiet for their lives.  At the end of December, The New York Times published an article in their Opinion Pages by Pico Iyer. In his article, he recounted some of the ways people are … Read More

Swim Spas Aid in Injury Recovery

One of the benefits of owning a swim spa is the ability to better recover from certain injuries. Many physical therapists can help develop an aquatic therapy to assist with a variety of issues, including arthritis and healing from fractured bones. It can also allow an individual with weight challenges to exercise with less stress … Read More

How do I take a sauna? Answers to commonly asked questions

While there are more and more Americans discovering the desire to own and enjoy a sauna at home every day, many are still unfamiliar with the best way to use a sauna to get maximum health and relaxation benefits. Here are some answers to common questions we’re asked about regular sauna use. How hot should … Read More

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