The swim spa—excellent body fat burner for women

It’s no accident whatsoever that female Olympic swimmers have such lithe sculpted bodies with little body fat. The answer, of course (in addition to eating smart) is the exercising and conditioning done in the water. A swim spa at home can give women the perfect opportunity to exercise daily in the comfort of your backyard, allowing you to burn fat and lose inches!

 The not-so-secret fact: swimming allows a terrific method to burn calories while simultaneously providing resistance for muscle toning and body sculpting. Swimming for an hour can burn 500 calories with little effort; creating a routine with more vigorous swim circuits can burn 700 calories or more. Since water provides excellent density, each push-off, kick and stroke will provide resistance needed to work your core. You’ll be very motivated to continue when you see what a consistent swimming regimen will do to tone your arms and define your hips, glutes and shoulders. Your metabolism will continue to burn off calories even after you’ve left the pool and start the rest of your day!

 Your muscles and cardiovascular system are required to work in a whole new way compared to the way they would perform on a run or a regular gym workout. Your whole body is engaged as you work to breathe during a swim, as well as stay afloat.

 Be smart about a swimming workout. In other words, don’t just take the plunge and swim to exhaustion. Rather, adopt a regimen that allows resting periods, the same way you would during a regular gym visit. Swim the length of your swim spa 3-4 times, then rest for 30 seconds to a minute. Give yourself time to suck in the air to replenish your lungs and prepare to dive in for the next circuit. By repeating this at least five times, then gradually building up to ten circuits or more, you’ll be excited watching your body transform and your energy build.

 Make it even more fun and rewarding by inviting a girlfriend to partake in the swim spa routine. Challenge and support each other as you both make steps to a healthier you.

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