The makers of Hot Spring Spas purchases Freeflow Spas

Oregon Hot Tub made a change in our hot tub offering nearly four years ago when we partnered with Freeflow Spas. This was a big change for our company—prior to this we had carried only one brand of hot tubs for decades: the family of Hot Spring Spas made by Watkins Manufacturing.

Our goal when deciding to carry Freeflow was simple. We wanted to expand the price points we were able to offer our customers on quality, energy-efficient hot tubs that were easy to install. Freeflow gave us the opportunity to offer hot tub ownership to individuals who wanted to fulfill their dream of having their own tub at home, but only had a fixed amount of money to invest in the idea.

 We’ve enjoyed great success with the product—and it seems others have taken notice. Watkins Manufacturing, the maker of Hot Spring Spas, recently completed acquisition of Freeflow Spas in December 2011. According to Steve Hammock, President of Watkins Manufacturing, the purchase of Freeflow Spas allows them to satisfy one of their long term strategies: delivering the right products to the right markets at the right prices.

 With this acquisition, Freeflow Spas joins our other lines made by Watkins—Hot Spring, Limelight & Hot Spot Spas—becoming part of the manufacturer making the largest number of hot tubs year in and year out worldwide!

 Oregon Hot Tub is very excited for what lies ahead for the Freeflow line as it transitions fully into Watkins family of hot tubs. If you’re in the market for a straightforward, energy efficient, solidly built, easy-to-install hot tub, then Freeflow Spas is the answer! Visit us today and learn more about the entire line of Freeflow products.