A hot tub or sauna satisfies the “quest for quiet”

Well, this is certainly a sign of the times. People are starting to search out ways to disconnect and find peace and quiet for their lives.

 At the end of December, The New York Times published an article in their Opinion Pages by Pico Iyer. In his article, he recounted some of the ways people are searching out ways to disconnect from our now incredibly wired existence (the average of 8½ hours a day in front of a screen!). Resorts are charging a premium to offer rooms without TVs and connectivity;South Korea andChina have Internet Rescue Camps to cut electronic addiction of their kids; more people are seeking out yoga to center themselves. Oprah Winfrey recently visited Dr. Oz’s show (as a guest for the first time). During the show, she mentioned how important meditation had become to her—and her entire staff at her OWN television station—to disconnect from the day. In fact, it’s become so important that they all gather together twice during the workday to meditate!

 Well…here’s the “duh” in all of this: Oregon Hot Tub has known for the entire existence of our company that hot tubs and saunas are the perfect way to achieve the quest for quiet each and every day. Not only will immersing yourself in a hot tub or entering the peace and toasty tranquility of a sauna improve your health, it will also provide the solitude more Americans crave each and every day. It also affords that very valued quiet time to share with a family member or loved one and reconnect—without cell phones, computers, e-books, tablets…you get the idea.

 If you’re going to invest money in a quiet place, do it once, with something that will give back to you each and every day for years and years to come: a hot tub or sauna from Oregon Hot Tub. You’ll discover your own inner peace—and you might just be the envy of all your friends and co-workers when your mood and disposition is markedly improved.