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The new Hot Spot Rhythm is here!

Hot Spring has enjoyed great success over the last two years with the refreshing of its entire Hot Spot Spa line up. Introduced in 2010, it achieved such amazing success it earned the manufacturer an award from its parent company, MASCO. One thing both consumers and fellow Hot Spring dealers wanted in this re-imagined line … Read More

Love hot tubs? How about a hot tub…HAT??

Okay…so, I guess we hadn’t seen it all yet. A Japanese company called the Hair Doctor offers a product called the Hot Cap. (I have to say, if nothing else, I love the pictures advertising the product!) For the low cost of a little over 9,200 yen (about $108.00), you can purchase the hat, which … Read More

Creating hot tub privacy

After doing this for as many years as we have, Oregon Hot Tub is well aware that most passersby and neighbors just aren’t interested in seeing you in your hot tub. Be that as it may, human nature and conditioning makes us modest beings, and a lot of us want to be sure the world … Read More

Should I Choose a Traditional or Infrared Sauna? Why not get…both!?

We regularly run into customers who are shopping for a sauna, and quickly get mystified by choosing between a traditional steam model and an infrared model. There are a lot of different questions you can ask yourself: If I go on vacation, do I like the hot tropical destinations, or the dry desert spots? After … Read More

Fairs are for elephant ears & roller coasters…NOT hot tub purchases!

A friend of mine who works in the hot tub industry once made a comment after working the local fair for another hot tub company. His observation: “Look, we want everyone to go to the fair—it’s great fun. It’s a great place to pig out on cotton candy, Kettle Korn, elephant ears, ride the merry-go-round … Read More

View the Perseids Meteor Shower from your Hot Tub

  August brings one of the best night sky shows for astronomy enthusiasts: the viewing of the Perseids meteor shower. What better way to spot those bright lights in the heavens than from your hot tub? While the meteors originate from the constellation Perseus the Hero, you certainly don’t need to know the location of … Read More

Hot tubbing with the kids!

Spending family bonding time in the hot tub can be terrific. After all, how many places can you retreat to nowadays that isn’t filled with techno distractions? Depending on the age of the kids in the tub, it’s also important to bear a few things in mind to make sure the tubbing is worry-free for … Read More

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