Should I Choose a Traditional or Infrared Sauna? Why not get…both!?

We regularly run into customers who are shopping for a sauna, and quickly get mystified by choosing between a traditional steam model and an infrared model.

There are a lot of different questions you can ask yourself:

  • If I go on vacation, do I like the hot tropical destinations, or the dry desert spots?
  • After a workout, would I prefer hitting a hot tub, or the club’s sauna?
  • Do I want a sauna for respiratory reasons, muscle recovery, joint relief, relaxation…or all of the above?
  • Do I want to hop in and get a deep sweat going right away, or do I want to hang out in the sauna for a good, slow, gradual sweat?

You could actually drive yourself crazy trying to figure it out! Oregon Hot Tub can happily tell you that you no longer have to choose! We carry the only saunas that can now be purchased as InfraSaunas( With the introduction of the InfraSauna, you can now choose from the best of both sauna experiences—the traditional steam version, and the infrared therapy.

Getting InfraSaunas to work perfectly was no small feat. Saunatec, the parent company that manufactures our line of Helo Saunas, spent several years honing the engineering necessary to marry both sauna options into one room. They are also the first manufacturer to receive ETL listing to sell InfraSaunas.

Now that the InfraSauna is available—the sky’s the limit! You can now purchase a variety of options and treat yourself to the therapy of both traditional steam and infrared. And, there is now the option of installing your very own custom cut InfraSauna as well—an industry first.

Ready to explore the best of both worlds? Check out our entire line of Helo Saunas (, and experience the future of health—the InfraSauna!