The new Hot Spot Rhythm is here!

Hot Spring has enjoyed great success over the last two years with the refreshing of its entire Hot Spot Spa line up. Introduced in 2010, it achieved such amazing success it earned the manufacturer an award from its parent company, MASCO.

One thing both consumers and fellow Hot Spring dealers wanted in this re-imagined line was a good open seating hot tub—one with plenty of room for soakers to relax without a lounge.

Rather than waiting for 2012, we’ve been treated to a new Hot Spot model mid-year—and it’s already fast earning its place in the Hot Spot family’s continued success. Introducing the Hot Spot Rhythm (!

The Rhythm has all the winning ingredients its sister model, the Relay (, features: 35 excellent hydromassage jets, polymer cabinet for durability, terrific multi-point LED lighting with six color choices, stunning shell colors, and the ability to soak virtually chlorine free with our tried and true EverFresh System. With seating for up to seven, it’s the perfect family hot tub. And, because it’s made by Hot Spring—the world’s largest best-selling brand—you can rest assured it will be a tub that will last for years.

If you’re in the market for a hot tub (, now is the absolute best time to visit us ( and check out the new Hot Spot Rhythm You will love it!