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Help relieve tensions headaches with a sauna

Do you suffer from chronic tension-type headaches (CTTH)? If so, a study published earlier this year indicates that sauna bathing can help reduce headache pain intensity. The study was conducted by the Wellington Pain & Headache Clinic at the Southern Cross Hospital in Wellington, New Zealand. The results were released in February of this year. … Read More

Have a weekend picnic around your hot tub or swim spa

We like pointing out little know holidays and events. Last week we talked about Relaxation Day…but did you know that the entire month of August is National Picnic Month? We think it would be fun to invite some friends over for a backyard picnic, and incorporate your hot tub or swim spa into the festivities. … Read More

Celebrate Relaxation Day in your Hot Tub

Did you know there is actually a Relaxation Day? There is! (Why it’s not every day, I’ll never know.) August 15th is the day set aside to focus on relaxing. A terrific way for anyone to relax is in your hot tub. There are just too many good things for your body and mind about … Read More

Five Tips for Crystal Clear Hot Tub Water  

This summer has been H-O-T-! But, soon enough, the temperatures will start to drop and we’ll once again be in the perfect weather conditions for nightly hot tub soaking. Is your hot tub ready for that? We’ve talked a bit in the past about water clarity, and as it seems to be a challenge for … Read More

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