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Where on Earth can you sauna? These options prove…everywhere!

Sauna lovers that like a challenge will love this list. Here are four spots in the world where you can take in the sights, enjoy local culture—and partake in a unique sauna session as well! If you like the distinctive and unusual, these sauna spots should be right up your alley. Visit Milan & take … Read More

Elevate Your Master Bath With a Sauna

Remodeling your master bath? It’s the perfect time to add a sauna! It’s fascinating how many people are now turning their bathrooms into havens. Not only can the bathroom be the place for tidying up and getting ready for the day, it can also become a retreat. If you’re in the planning stages of remodeling … Read More

Terrific stocking stuffers for sauna lovers

If you’re struggling for that fun perfect gift for that special someone who is also a sauna enthusiast, end your fretting! We’ve got great ideas to check that friend or loved on off your list. Here are some great gifts for the sauna lover. Great Sauna Gift Idea #1—Sauna Seat Cover: A must have for sauna … Read More

Get over a winter cold faster with regular sauna use

Winter is here, and along with it cold and flu season.  You can do your body a big favor and make regular sauna use a part of your daily routine. It can help you combat those pesky viruses. There have been many studies that show regular sauna use is excellent for arthritis, asthma, and chronic … Read More

Make your dreams come true with a custom sauna designed for your home

It’s sauna month at Oregon Hot Tub! With the changing of the leaves and the crisper climate upon us, it’s the perfect time to think about enjoying a sauna in the comfort of your own home every night. Did you know that hot tub can design a custom sauna room for your home? Finnleo Saunas, the … Read More

Take your cleanse to a whole new level with an infrared sauna

A lot of individuals periodically try to rid their bodies of all the toxins we’re exposed to through our environment and diet with a cleanse. There are a number of different methods for cleansing your system. The most popular ones seem to revolve around combinations of water and fruit and vegetable juices, and range from … Read More

Need a gift idea for Dad’s Day? Here are Oregon Hot Tub’s top five

Dear ol’ Dad is celebrated this coming Sunday. I’m sure you have your Father’s Day gifts all picked out…right?? Well, in case you need some inspiration, Oregon Hot Tub offers up these top five gift ideas to make the guy in your life happy. A Big Green Egg. Well, duh. What guy doesn’t love the … Read More

Consider essential oils to enhance your traditional steam sauna bathing

There are a multitude of positive benefits from using a traditional steam sauna. If you want to take your enjoyment and health benefits to a new level when you take a sauna, give some essential oils a try. Not only will you enjoy the aromatic impact the oils will have on your olfactory senses, they’ll … Read More

Interesting trivia on traditional steam saunas

Since Oregon Hot Tub began offering its line of Finnleo Steam Saunas, it’s been interesting to explore the world of sauna. Americans are really quite new to the idea of daily at-home sauna use, but the Finns? Well, that’s another story altogether. Here are some interesting tidbits about traditional steam saunas that may pique your … Read More

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