Take your cleanse to a whole new level with an infrared sauna

A lot of individuals periodically try to rid their bodies of all the toxins we’re exposed to through our environment and diet with a cleanse. There are a number of different methods for cleansing your system. The most popular ones seem to revolve around combinations of water and fruit and vegetable juices, and range from 1-3 days.

One way to accelerate your cleanse success may be integrating infrared sauna use during your cleanse period. Because infrared saunas work to boost your immune system while flushing toxins, they can give your cleanse a “boost” and help you rid your body of its toxins even quicker. Adding an infrared sauna to your cleanse period may give you the sense of feeling even more enervated and refreshed once you complete your cleansing process.

As infrared saunas become even more prevalent as a natural way to enhance healthy living, more attention has also been given to the levels of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) some infrared saunas emit during a session. The lower your exposure to EMR and EF (electrical field) the safer for you, allowing you to get only the best benefits from an infrared sauna session.

Oregon Hot Tub is proud to offer Finnleo’s line of far infrared saunas. This line has been painstakingly developed with CarbonFlex emitters that now produce such a low level of EMR/EF that they exceed Swedish standards, which are by far the strictest safety standards in the world. If you wish to cleanse, and want to consider an infrared sauna to enhance your detox and boost your immunity, why not do so in the safest infrared sauna available today?

By the way, if you’re serious about your cleanses, you might be interested in checking out the three types of juice cleanses available through The Pressed Juicery. They offer up a line of juices specifically geared to three different cleanse goals: nourishing your body, detoxing your body, and their refine juice cleanse containing a higher level of vegetable juices. Check them out!

And—when you’re ready to consider an infrared sauna for everyday detox and to help give your cleanses a “charge”, visit one of our showrooms to check out our entire Finnleo Infrared Sauna offering. You’ll be glad you did!

Here’s to your health!