Five Great Gifts for the Hot Tub Lover

Here are a few great gift ideas for the upcoming holidays for that special someone you know who simply can’t let a day go by without a dip in their hot tub. (And really, we simply can’t blame them!)

  • A great umbrella. Nothing beats a spa umbrella for the times you want shelter from the rain, but don’t want a permanent enclosure over your hot tub. The umbrella swings out of the way on nice days and can easily provide shade over a patio furniture set.
  • Terrific aromatherapy. The hot tub enthusiast will love the array of scents in our Spazazz Aromatherapy Crystals line. Give your soak an extra boost and choose a couple of the scents in the Rx line, with added minerals to target specific health issues, from Detox to Stress to Joint Therapy.
  • Add tunes to the tub. We’ve got great music options for the hot tub, from our wireless music  & MP3 systems for our Hot Spring Spas to the portable Outcast Sound System—not only great for the hot tub, but also for the patio, an upper deck, and more!
  • Signature Water Care Service: One thing that’s a surefire hit with a hot tub lover is someone to take care of their hot tub for them. Nothing like your personal water care butler! Contact us to find out about the various options we have available.
  • A new hot tub cover. Okay, so it’s not the most exciting gift—but a true hot tub lover will be thrilled to find a new cover on their hot tub. A new cover is a real treat!

Be the perfect elf this year—we’d love to help! Visit one of Oregon Hot Tub’s showrooms today and we’ll show you all these great gift ideas and more! (Oh, and by the way, it goes without saying you’d make someone really happy if you treated them to their own hot tub for the very first time! We’ve got the best selection of the best hot tubs in the industry from Hot Spring Spas —you’ll love it too!)