Landscapers, gardeners & farmers alert: expel harmful chemicals with an infrared sauna

If you’re one of those in the profession of landscaping and farming, or you’re an avid gardener, here’s something to consider: each time you’re out in the green scape, you could be exposed to many harmful chemicals and pesticides from your botanical exercises. In fact, there’s a term for this type of exposure to chemicals that end up causing fatigue, headache, difficulty thinking and nausea: Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS).

One way to rid your body of these chemicals absorbed or inhaled from these outdoor activities is an infrared sauna. An infrared sauna causes a rush of circulation under your skin—the largest part of your body prone to absorption of chemicals. The increase of circulation and opening of your pores helps your body sweat out the toxins that can build up in your system. It can also help your body regulate its level of metals, like mercury, lead and more.

Here’s quite a shocking testament to the effectiveness of infrared saunas in ridding the human body of chemicals:

A Finnleo dealer in the Midwest years ago had a farmer who visited their showroom wanting to buy a sauna. He had heard of the benefits of sauna use, and decided to install an infrared sauna at his farm for his farmhands to use after working the fields. The purchase was made, the sauna installed, and everything seemed to be just fine.

However, after a few months of use, the farmer called the dealership, complaining of a smell in the sauna. When the dealer visited the farm, it was discovered that the farmhands were sweating out so many pesticides from the sauna use that it had stained the bench, creating an odor each time the sauna was used!!

The dealer promptly replaced the sauna bench and recommended that each farmhand use a towel on the bench to absorb the toxins being expelled from the farmhands’ bodies. He also recommended cleaning the wood regularly with Finnleo’s Sauna Clean. The farmer was justifiably stunned at how much pesticide was circulating in his employees’ systems, and began searching for alternative pest control products to use on the farm that were less hazardous.

You may not be exposed to that level of chemicals…but we live in a world where we ingest all manner of unhealthy substances every day. Wouldn’t daily use of an infrared sauna help your body’s immune system, not to mention your piece of mind?

Our line of Finnleo Infrared Saunas are not only the ones with the greatest infrared coverage, they are also now the safest, featuring the lowest EMF/ER emissions of any infrared sauna on the market today, exceeding strict Swedish safety standards.

Take a simple step towards better health and guard against chemical sensitivity. Visit us today and check out our line of Finnleo Saunas. You’ll be glad you did!