Interesting trivia on traditional steam saunas

Since Oregon Hot Tub began offering its line of Finnleo Steam Saunas, it’s been interesting to explore the world of sauna. Americans are really quite new to the idea of daily at-home sauna use, but the Finns? Well, that’s another story altogether. Here are some interesting tidbits about traditional steam saunas that may pique your interest and make you want to invest in a sauna of your very own.

  • There are more saunas in Finland per person than there are cars. There is one sauna for every four people who live in Finland!
  • In the 1600’s, when the Finns & Swedes traveled to America and startled settling the area which is now Philadelphia, it was originally named Sauna. In fact, the first sauna was constructed where Philadelphia’s city hall is today.
  • How important is a sauna to a Finn? Well, when a Finn used to set out to construct a home, the sauna would get built first. Then, they would move on to building their home.
  • Time in a sauna in Finland is treated as a spiritual experience. Sauna bathing is viewed as reverential time—no different than the way one would behave during a church service.
  • Wonder why we offer birch essential oil for use in steam saunas? It hails back to the ritual of using bundles of birch branches during sauna bathing. Known as “vihitas”, the birch bundles are tapped against the body in the sauna to increase blood flow and stimulate the skin. Often birch branches would be placed on top of sauna rocks and water would be poured through them to create a birch aroma in the room.
  • If you think sauna use is uncommon in hotter climates, think again! In Saudi Arabia, sauna use helps deal with the desert heat. It helps make the outdoor air feel cooler, and sauna users sweat less as a result.

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