Five great gift ideas for the sauna lover

That time of year is upon us…what are you going to give that special someone that seems to be so hard to find the perfect gift? Well, if you’ve got a sauna lover in your house, Oregon Hot Tub has ideas for you! Here are five great gifts for the sauna enthusiast:

  • A new bucket & ladle can be a great gift for someone who uses a traditional steam sauna at home on a regular basis. Sometimes the constant heat and exposure to condensation can discolor and stain buckets & ladles. It’s a great gift many don’t think of giving, and is much appreciated! Buy a couple of great fluffy spa quality towels and roll them up and pop them inside the bucket before wrapping.
  • A great seat cover to use in a traditional steam or infrared sauna. Having something to place your bum on while sweating out toxins helps prevent wood staining and odor buildup in a sauna. Buy several to allow for multiple uses between washes. Or, buy seven and monogram each with a day of the week!
  • Essential oils enhance a sauna session and awaken your senses. Our favorite is our eucalyptus. A few drops in your water bucket and you’ll love the aroma created in your steam sauna. Or, treat the infrared sauna lover to a fragrance holder that will allow use in an infrared sauna room.
  • A good backrest or headrest is great for any sauna, whether it be steam or infrared. A place to support the curve of your back or your noggin in the sauna enhances the experience, and helps your body relax.
  • A good plush robe is always a welcome gift, and excellent for sauna users. Here’s a great one available for the holiday that looks especially inviting to use from Restoration Hardware. We also like the array of robes that pop up during the holiday at Nordstrom, like this terry velour version.

Or…perhaps it’s time to actually treat your sauna lover to their own sauna at home? We’ve got a great selection of Finnleo Saunas to satisfy that need! Visit us today so we can be sure to have enough time to arrange a holiday delivery.