Hot Tub FAQ

Make good ol’ BBQ chicken for Labor Day on your Big Green Egg

Can you believe Labor Day is nearly here?? It’s hard to believe summer is nearly behind us and it will soon be ready for some of the crisp fall nights ahead. Before that happens, the holiday weekend will afford yet another opportunity to break out the Big Green Egg and produce some mouth-watering treats for … Read More

Use a hot tub to help manage Type 2 Diabetes

I was speaking to one of my relatives a few weeks ago who has Type 2 Diabetes. While we’ve had this conversation before, I had to remind them that one of the ways blood sugar levels can be managed is by regular hot tub soaking. After speaking with her, I realized that, while this is … Read More

Can an infrared sauna help combat depression?

A recent article posted on WebMD finds that infrared sauna use could help those with depression or anxiety issues.   A study was recently conducted with individuals struggling with major depression. In the study, 16 individuals were exposed to infrared heating to induce hyperthermia. It was discovered that, with a single hyperthermia session, depression scores … Read More

Make the most of your hot tub this summer

Does it feel like each summer is getting hotter and hotter in Portland? We think so! While a lot of us look forward to the summer heat, it tends to make many hot tub owners soak less and less, which is a true shame. Just because the temperature is rising doesn’t mean that your hot … Read More

Give your hot tub a deep clean

Memorial Day is coming, and that’s a great time to get together with friends and family and enjoy a terrific weekend that could include hot tub soaking. When’s the last time you gave your hot tub a good “deep clean”? If it’s been a while, now’s the perfect time to hit it before the weekend … Read More

The cautions of drinking and soaking

When using the hot tub, please don’t commit an SUI (Soaking Under the Influence) We know: Soaking in a hot tub with a glass of wine sounds like an excellent way to unwind after a hard day. And, perhaps one glass while soaking won’t exactly kill you. But, drinking too much alcohol and soaking in … Read More

Every once in a while we get these questions about how safe hot tubs really are. It seems to be that the news stories that point out the rare hot tub injuries get wide enough exposure that it perpetuates this myth that hot tubs really aren’t safe. Thankfully for us, that’s not true! In fact, … Read More

Congratulations! You’re having a baby. It’s always an exciting, nerve-wracking, nail biting time. We get a lot of questions regarding using a hot tub while pregnant. Hot tub lovers have a hard time adjusting their soaking ritual when going through a pregnancy. Can I use it? How long is safe? How often? The #1 thing … Read More

Jewelers are, in my opinion, so very lucky. Time may march on, traditions may change, technological advances continue to emerge…but it seems humans will always have an enduring love affair with jewelry. If you don’t want anything to ruin that jewelry love affair, do your precious baubles a favor and take them off when you … Read More