Keep Your Family Safe & Healthy in Public Pools & Hot Tubs

There has been a lot of buzz recently on the news circuit regarding safe water in public pools and hot tubs. When we visit a public pool, or use a hot tub in a hotel or health club, we’re usually careful about not slipping when entering the water, looking for a lifeguard to be on duty, or keeping an eye on the kids when they’re swimming. But, what are we doing to make sure the water we’re getting into is also safe?

This is becoming a larger concern in today’s world. Two things to be especially aware of: 1) Whether there is sanitizer present to kill bacteria in water and prevent any chance for infection; 2) Whether the pH level is in the correct range. A low pH can cause skin and eye irritation—in fact, many people who think they are allergic to chlorine in fact are not. Their experience has been in a public facility where their skin itches or their eyes water and burn when swimming in a pool or soaking in a hot tub. Since many are not aware that a low pH causes these reactions, chlorine is blamed as the culprit.

This summer, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is taking an active role in helping folks out to ensure they are using a tub or pool that is safe and healthy. Take a moment to visit On the main page of the site, they are giving everyone the opportunity to receive a free bottle of test strips to check pools & hot tubs for proper chlorine and pH levels. What a great thing to pack with you when you head out with your family on a vacation, or throw into your gym bag when you head to the health club?

Although it goes without saying, we at Oregon Hot Tub want everyone to take part in a healthy lifestyle that includes immersion in hot water. If you would like additional information on keeping your hot tub at home clean, safe and easy to care for, take a moment to visit one of our stores. Our team will be happy to help you, and suggest alternatives to chlorine or bromine to sanitize your tub. It’s an excellent time to stop by and check out our revolutionary ACE Salt Water System. ACE is new this year, and will absolutely change your thinking about being able to enjoy a hot tub without a lot of chemicals and maintenance.

Happy (and healthy!) soaking this coming summer season to all!

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