January is National Thyroid Awareness Month

Hypothyroidism is a condition that is more common than you might think. Millions of Americans suffer from it and may not even be aware.

The condition occurs when the body lacks sufficient thyroid hormones – the main hormones responsible for metabolism. If you suffer from this condition, there are some things you should know about using your hot tub. If you think you might have the condition, consult your physician.

Using bromine as your sanitizer in your hot tub is the wrong answer for those with hypothyroidism. Bromine has been shown to naturally deplete iodine in the body. Without iodine, your thyroid gland can’t produce hormones, leading to hypothyroidism.

Bromine, while a widely used hot tub sanitizer, is also one of the most antiquated ways to kill bacteria in hot tub water. Oregon Hot Tub has excellent ways to care for your hot tub water that are entirely bromine free. Our EverFresh System, in existence for over 16 years, allows you to soak in a virtually chlorine free environment. The addition of SilkBalance when using the EverFresh System not only provides safe easy water care, you’ll exit your tub each time with your skin feeling moisturized!

Our exciting new ACE Salt System is another revolutionary way to sanitize your hot tub. ACE utilizes a cell featuring a diamond chip electrode to convert salt into sanitizer for your water.

Both of these systems are cutting edge in their ability to provide you water that is safe, healthy and–most importantly–leave bromine out of the equation.

Other steps to a healthier thyroid include:

  • Eat organic as often as possible. Wash all produce thoroughly.
  • Avoid eating or drinking from (or storing food and water in) plastic containers. Use glass and safe ceramic vessels.
  • Look for organic whole-grain breads and flour. Grind your own grain, if possible.
  • Avoid sodas. Drink natural, filtered water instead.
  • Look for personal care products that are as chemical-free as possible. Remember — anything going on you, goes in you.

For more hot tub health tips and benefits, visit our health benefits page.

Take time to visit one of our showrooms today for more information on our healthy water care options. You’ll be excited by what you see, and start yourself on the way to a better healthy you in 2011!