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5 Simple Tips to Keep your Sauna in Tip-Top Shape

5 Simple Tips to Keep your Sauna in Tip-Top Shape

Now that we’ve been in the sauna business for a while, it’s come to our attention that a lot of folks don’t realize that a sauna needs to be maintained, much like anything else in our lives that get regular use. Here are some easy DIY tips to make sure your sauna stays in great … Read More

New Study Reveals Sauna Use Can Cut Risk of Dementia 

New Study Reveals Sauna Use Can Cut Risk of Dementia 

A new study recently published by the University of Eastern Finland reports exciting results regarding dementia and sauna use! In the study researchers went back over 20 years of records for men in good health aged 42-60. In looking at the data, various points were noted: age, alcohol consumption, body mass index, and blood pressure … Read More

Here’s How to Get the Most Out of Your Traditional Sauna Session

Here’s How to Get the Most Out of Your Traditional Sauna Session

The sauna craze is growing more each year in the United States. In fact, there are now more than a million saunas nationwide! Yet, many Americans still don’t know exactly how to make the most of their sauna session. We’d like to offer some tips. Shower first. Get your body ready for detoxifying by cleansing … Read More

Four Great Ways to Relax in an Apartment or Condo

Apartment & condo dwellers rejoice! While you may not know it, there are actually a lot of terrific products out there that will help enhance your health & recreation in your very own compact living space. If you’re looking for a way to ramp up the enjoyment factor at home, here are some terrific options! … Read More

Can you claim your sauna purchase as a tax deduction?

Oh goody…! It’s almost time to pay taxes (said no one ever). Yes, it’s true—April 15th is just around the corner, and it’s time to collect all those files and pieces of paper and get them to the tax preparer to make sure you’ve got everything covered when you file. Here’s a question we often … Read More

Can you use a sauna with a heart condition? New study says, “Yes”

Finns have an exhaustive history with sauna use. Right now, numbers reported show that there are 1.6 million saunas for a country with a population of five million! Nearly every person in Finland takes at least one sauna each week. But…what about those with heart disease? Americans get mixed messages on this from medical professionals, … Read More

How do you escape holiday stress? In your sauna!

Yep, the holidays are here. So much to do—shopping, Christmas cards (hopefully you still send them!), holiday parties, kid functions, travel, dinner planning…the to-do list increases but the amount of time to accomplish everything just stays the same. How do you keep the stress at a minimum and keep yourself in the holiday spirit? Take … Read More

Do you sauna like a Finn? Give it a try!

Americans have become more and more enamored with taking a sauna over the last fifty years. Yet, like many things that migrate from Europe, the sauna session for many is the Americanized version. With the temperatures dropping, it could be a great time to try taking a sauna like a true Finn! First, you’ll need … Read More

Have Restless Leg Syndrome? Try an infrared sauna for relief

Have you ever heard of Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS)? It’s a real condition, and it plagues plenty of Americans. Recent studies have shown that folks with Fibromyalgia may also suffer from RLS—up to 33% of Fibromyalgia patients experience RLS. Characteristic feelings that someone with RLS will experience are throbbing, itchy or creeping sensations in the … Read More

The future of travel may include a sauna for all!

Who better than to pave the way for upping the ante at an airline business lounge than Finnair? Opened in August, Finnair’s newly renovated lounge in the Helsinki Airport features a full-on Nordic steam sauna, complete with toiletries made with forest berries.  The sauna will be available for everyone to use—from the members of the … Read More