Five Key Things to Keep in Mind When Planning Your Hot Tub Retreat

Creating the perfect backyard haven for your new hot tub can be an exciting part of your buying experience. Summer is the perfect time to identify the perfect spot for your hot tub, and how to integrate it into your backyard living.

Here are five things to keep in mind when planning the spot for your new hot tub:

  1. Convenience is key—Sometimes it can be tempting to place a tub in a remote out of the way spot for privacy. If you want to truly get the most enjoyment out of your hot tub, and ensure you’ll use it regularly, proximity to the exit of your home is important. The less distance you have to travel when leaving your house to hop in your tub, the more likely you’ll use it often and integrate it into your daily activities. Also, keep in mind what your bare feet will be treading on when heading out to the tub. We in the Northwest are used to the rain—but tramping over soggy grass to get to your tub is not very fun. Stepping stones are a nice complement to most backyard settings and keep your tootsies from tracking grass into the tub.
  2. Give yourself firm footing—What you sit your hot tub on is important, as it’s going to be there for a good long time. Timbers or crushed rock do not set you up for long term success. While you may not need to go to the expense of pouring concrete, consider something firm that won’t settle over time. Paving stones, brick or a small platform made with pressure treated wood will do in many cases. Another excellent option is something easy to install, like a SmartDeck. Speaking of firm footing, steps for easy entry and exit to the tub are really a smart idea, and one of the first things shoppers tend to forego. DuraSteps allow you to enter and exit your tub safely, and do it without significant expense.
  3. No one likes to be bugged while soaking—Landscaping around your hot tub will enhance your soaking experience. Choosing the right plants to surround your hot tub with is critical. It may seem great to have fragrant flowers around your hot tub—but remember bees and other insects like them, too! Surround your hot tub with plantings that won’t draw the critters, but will be great to enjoy from your vantage point in the tub.
  4. Can I have some privacy, please?—Strategically placed privacy screens can help create the private space many desire when soaking. Bamboo (in pots please!) is a terrific option for a more organic screening for your hot tub. Evergreens can also help create some height—and a good shield from the neighbors. Gazebos are also an excellent means to privacy.
  5. Do I like the rain that much?—Many of us in the Northwest don’t even own an umbrella—we brave the rain with a cap and we’re good. Oddly enough, sometimes when we’re neck deep in swirling hot tub water, the rain can either be a blessing—or an annoyance. If you think it’s going to keep you out of your tub in the rain, a SpaUmbrella is a great answer. Listening to the rain pitter patter above you can be a nice touch, too.

Hopefully these tips will get you thinking about what you’ll do to help your hot tub become part of your backyard paradise! Need help finding the perfect spot in your yard? Contact us today for a free in-home consultation!