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Why Buying a Sauna from a Local Company is the Right Answer

So…you’ve decided to buy a sauna. You’ve checked them out online, and think, “Okay, I’ll head down to the local home show/garden show/fair and buy one.” With summer comes a lot of fairs, and many of them rent booth space out to folks selling saunas. Before you plunk down a chunk of money at a … Read More

Need a Good Night’s Sleep? Hot Tub Before Bed

According the National Sleep Foundation, 30-40% of adult Americans suffer from some type of insomnia over the course of a year, with 10-15% experiencing chronic sleep issues. That means over 130 million Americans have sleep issues—more than any other country worldwide! (Talk about the WRONG kind of overachieving!) The next time you’re having a run … Read More

Ready for a Healthy Glow? Take a Sauna

It’s staggering how much money is spent every year to cover up blemishes and other imperfections of the skin. Estimates regularly place the number of dollars spent annually at over 10 billion dollars! Here’s a surefire way to help heal your skin, heal wounds faster, and give it that healthy youthful glow: take a sauna. … Read More

A Hot Tub for Tight Spaces

So many folks out there live in apartments or condos think enjoying a hot tub is simply not in the cards. Not so! Oregon Hot Tub has a couple of terrific options that allow relaxation and therapy in tight spaces. For the tub aficionados, we’ve got a fantastic option for you: The newly updated Hot … Read More

The Grandee — Go big AND go home!

  If it’s time for a hot tub, do yourself a favor and check out the tub that also has a home at the White House—the Hot Spring Grandee. The Grandee is by far one of the best-selling large hot tubs in America. Why? It is loaded with the fantastic things you should have in … Read More

New Research Study on Hot Tub Benefits Based in the NW

There is an exciting study underway providing updated information on the benefits of hot tub soaking—and it’s rooted right here in the Pacific Northwest. Dr. Bruce Becker is a research professor and director of the National Aquatics & Sports Medicine Institute at Washington State University. Dr. Becker also conducts aquatic therapy studies for the National … Read More

5 Terrific Father’s Day Gift Ideas

  Father’s Day is fast approaching, and we’ve got some terrific ideas on the perfect gift for the special guy in your life. Here are our top five: Wireless Music System ​ Guys love music, and they love music while they soak in their hot tubs. Our Wireless Music System delivers music, and does it … Read More

Salt Water Hot Tub receives Masco’s “Innovation of the Year Award”

Oregon Hot Tub is pleased to announce that Watkins—the company that manufacturers our line of Hot Spring Spas—was awarded the highest honor bestowed by its parent company, Masco. The Innovation of the Year award is given annually by Masco to only one of its 39 companies. This honor is recognition of the business unit that … Read More