Ready for a Healthy Glow? Take a Sauna

It’s staggering how much money is spent every year to cover up blemishes and other imperfections of the skin. Estimates regularly place the number of dollars spent annually at over 10 billion dollars!

Here’s a surefire way to help heal your skin, heal wounds faster, and give it that healthy youthful glow: take a sauna.

Your skin is actually one of the biggest parts of the human anatomy, and gets attacked daily by what we eat, what we expose it to outdoors, UV rays, temperature extremes, and more.

One of the key ingredients that can help your skin achieve that healthy glow is to hop in a sauna. The heat in a sauna causes vasodilatation—the blood vessels in your skin expand to accommodate the increased temperature, which in turn bring nutrients to the surface. This opening of your pores sets up a toxin flush from your system that normally clogs pores and cause blemishes. Red blood cell production increases, which can aid in reducing the affects of eczema and speed up the healing process of cuts, scrapes and bruises.

Here’s another great tip to boost the effects of sauna bathing for your skin: bring a loofah sponge along for the sweat. Using a loofah in the sauna will help slough dead and dry skin cells, allowing the new tissue beneath to breathe and come to life.

Consider one of our Helo Saunas as your next step to a healthier you. Your skin will thank you—and others will take notice of your healthy glow!