5 Terrific Father’s Day Gift Ideas


Father’s Day is fast approaching, and we’ve got some terrific ideas on the perfect gift for the special guy in your life. Here are our top five:

Wireless Music System

Guys love music, and they love music while they soak in their hot tubs. Our Wireless Music System delivers music, and does it in a cool way! Utilizing a wireless transmitter that stays safely inside the house, the transmitter can be interfaced with your in-home sound system, or easily supports playing music from your iPhone or iPod. All sound system functions are managed from the control panel on our Hot Spring & Limelight Hot Tubs. Pump up the volume with the optional sub woofer!

Wireless TV

This makes your hot tub even hotter! The same technology used to send music wirelessly to the tub now does the same with TV, and it’s exclusively for Hot Spring & Limelight Hot Tubs. The wireless transmitter plugs into your television or cable box, teleporting your favorite movie, television show or sports event for viewing in your tub. The LCD monitor mounted to the tub swings 180 degrees so the TV can be enjoyed outside of the tub too while sitting on your patio or deck. This is just cool.


Outcast Sound System

Everyone will love this, not just Dad! Using the same wireless transmission, the Outcast is portable and goes anywhere you’d like to have music. It can receive music from up to from the transmitter! Take it to the boat launch…the rooftop deck…the deck outside your second story master bedroom…the tailgating party before the big game…! Holds a charge for at least 12-14 hours of wireless music… 350 feet away!




For the times when you’d like a bit of shelter over the hot tub, but don’t want a permanent enclosure, this is the perfect solution. With a 9 ½”  diameter, it easily covers the entire hot tub—and swings 360 degrees to use over patio furniture for those sunny days. The base plate slides under the tub to give it excellent stability. Umbrellas available in beige, graphite, terra cotta, or sage green.


A Helo Sauna

Okay, you might just love this for yourself, but we know guys love taking a sauna! The hot tub outdoors is great…a sauna after a long day, a workout, or to start the day indoors is awesome. We have a full line of traditional steam and infrared saunas available. Either will take your commitment to helping Dad stay healthy to a new level!


Father’s Day is Sunday, June 19th. Get to one of our stores and order up the perfect gift for your guy—he’ll love it, and love you for it!