The Grandee — Go big AND go home!


If it’s time for a hot tub, do yourself a favor and check out the tub that also has a home at the White House—the Hot Spring Grandee.

The Grandee is by far one of the best-selling large hot tubs in America. Why? It is loaded with the fantastic things you should have in a hot tub, and none of the “unnecessaries” a lot of hot tub companies shove into their design to make them sell. The top ten favorite things to love about the Grandee:

  1. Expansive interior. With unobstructed open seating design, there is room for the whole family—and the whole neighborhood on those rare occasions! Three fantastic corner seats—two with the wonderful patented Moto-Massage jets—plus multi-level seating to fit the smallest and tallest in your clan.
  2. State of the art controls. Hot Spring’s new control panel features big buttons, easy to read LCD full color screen—and everything is in plain English! (Unless you want to choose one of the other languages it can display—German, Spanish, French or Dutch!) No manual required for easy hot tub operation.
  3. Safety. Entry and exit to the tub is easy with the smartly placed cool-down seat. No accidental slips and falls as you enter the tub—and a great place to sit when you start to heat up, or the kids need a safe vantage point.
  4. Incredible cleaning power. No cheating on keeping everyone clean and healthy in a Hot Spring! The Grandee sports five exclusive Tri-X filters, with 325 square feet of cleaning power. The benefit? Clean water no matter how many are soaking, and no suction anywhere in the tub.
  5. Soak in soft silky salt water. The revolutionary and much lauded ACE Salt Water System is easily added to the Grandee. Soak every night, knowing your tub is sanitized with the most advanced water care treatment currently found in hot tubs—period.
  6. The light show. Any luminary would love the smart thoughtful design of the Luminescence Light System. Using energy efficient multi-colored LED lighting, you have the ability to choose different lighting under the water and along the tub’s bar top. Ambient lighting behind the Moto-Massage jets and pillows are classy accents.
  7. The water show. For the kids (okay, for the adults too!), the playful Bella Fontana fountain is a treat. Three streams of water arc into the tub, lit by multi-colored Luminescence LED lighting.
  8. Music to your ears. The optional Moonlight Wireless Sound System is state of the art, allowing you to play your favorite tunes from your home, iPod, iPhone, computer…any way you like to play your music can be enjoyed right in your tub.
  9. Real home entertainment. Take enjoyment of your tub to a whole new level and add Wireless TV! Watch anything you want from your tub, the same as you’d watch anything in your home. This is not just a DVD player available on other hot tubs, folks—this is true wireless entertainment.
  10. Timeless, enduring finishes. Beautiful interior colors that won’t date themselves over time. Sturdy stunning Everwood cabinetry envelops the exterior—no maintenance!Aren’t you ready for a fabulous hot tub? Take a look at the Hot Spring Grandee today!