Five Tips for Crystal Clear Hot Tub Water  

This summer has been H-O-T-! But, soon enough, the temperatures will start to drop and we’ll once again be in the perfect weather conditions for nightly hot tub soaking. Is your hot tub ready for that?

We’ve talked a bit in the past about water clarity, and as it seems to be a challenge for some it deems repeating. Here we offer up five tips to help make sure your water is always crystal clear when you head out for that soak.

  • Sanitize! We can’t enforce this recommendation (order?) enough. It’s startling how many people think it’s okay to soak, leave behind tons of bacteria and sweat in hot tub water, and NOT do anything to kill culprits that can cause not only cloudy water but infection! Be a good hot tub steward: keep you water sanitized! If you have an ACE Salt Water System, the terrific news is the system, set properly for your soaking habits, will do the job for you. However, if you opt for a virtually chlorine free system (like EverFresh with SilkBalance), you need to consistently add Spa Shock after each use—and chlorine once a week. If you run your tub on chlorine, you need to add at least half an ounce after each use and shock once a week. Sanitizing your hot tub is your friend!
  • Sanitizer doesn’t have a chance to kill what it needs to and create a residual if you don’t keep your water balanced. Testing your water weekly is key. Your alkalinity and pH levels need to be in the correct range. If your pH is low, it will eat up your residual sanitizer in no time and cloudy smelly water will soon pay you a visit.
  • Clean Filters. Another thing that many hot tub owners DO NOT DO is clean their filters monthly. Filters can only do their optimal job cleaning and capturing refuse if they are clean. Dirty filters do you no favors, and can also affect the ability for your tub to heat. Jet pressure could also be affected. Clean your filters monthly with a good filter cleaner. AND—filters do not last for life! Regular filters should be changed every 2-3 years, and Tri-X filters should be changed every -5 years.
  • Use Clarifier. If you use your hot tub regularly, adding a couple ounces of clarifier to your water weekly can be a secret weapon to make sure any body oil, hair gels, deodorant & biofilm get bound together and leave the water to get trapped in your filters. (And the, guess what? Clean your filters weekly!) Many find the addition of a small amount of clarifier simplifies the water care routine immensely.
  • Replace your silver ion cartridge. If you use a silver cartridge in your tub as part of the system for sanitizing, it doesn’t last forever either. It lasts four months, regardless of how often you use the tub. Silver helps neutralize bacteria, and can be your friend if you let it pay your tub for a visit for four month intervals and then dispose of it. If you need a new cartridge, get one today. Or, to make sure you don’t ever forget, sign up for our Just in Time Program. We’ll send it to you when it’s time to replace it postage free—with savings on the cartridge too! (By the way, we also offer this terrific service for your SilkBalance).

Have questions or need additional help? Call our Service Center for advice and assistance.

Happy soaking!