Hot tubbing with the kids!

Spending family bonding time in the hot tub can be terrific. After all, how many places can you retreat to nowadays that isn’t filled with techno distractions?

Depending on the age of the kids in the tub, it’s also important to bear a few things in mind to make sure the tubbing is worry-free for all involved. Here are a few hints regarding hot tub time with the little ones:

  • Stay hydrated. Kids love hanging out in the water for extended periods. But with a hot water environment, it’s smart to be sure there’s plenty around to keep them hydrated. Water, of course, is a surefire answer. But, also consider a juice box, or portable hydrating pods (we call them grapes).
  • Stay temperate. Small kids love hot tubs—but can’t necessarily handle hot water temperatures for long periods of time. One degree makes a big difference to a small body—especially before hitting the teen years. Make sure to have kids take frequent breaks on a cool-down seat inside the tub, or sitting on the edge of the shell (with supervision, of course). Some like to drop the temperature of their tubs to around 100 degrees for longer tub soaks. If the kids haven’t yet hit puberty, the key to overheating is watching for rosy cheeks and pink noses—signs they’re overheating, and also likely they need something to wet their whistles.
  • Stay in control. Tempting for kids to treat the hot tub like a swimming pool—splashing, diving from side to side, and plunging underwater. If your child is prone to ear infections, keep the moisture out of the ears with earplugs. Set some ground rules for “playing” in the tub, and what’s considered to rowdy, before hopping in. It will make the time in the tub much more enjoyable.
  • Keep them entertained. A good idea to keep some fun toys around to help pass the time, and keep the kids engaged. Some pool toys work well in the hot tub, and of course rubber ducks and other fun squirt toys are always a hit. For the older kids, waterproof playing cards or a floating checkerboard can provide some fun diversion.
  • Great photo opportunity. Don’t forget to capture those moments with the gang in the tub with some great shots of everyone. Nothing’s cuter than a kid with a smile in a hot tub! (And hey—share those photos with us! We’d love to see them!)

Here’s to hoping the hot tub is helping contribute to family fun. Happy soaking!