How do I take a sauna? Answers to commonly asked questions

While there are more and more Americans discovering the desire to own and enjoy a sauna at home every day, many are still unfamiliar with the best way to use a sauna to get maximum health and relaxation benefits. Here are some answers to common questions we’re asked about regular sauna use.

  1. How hot should my sauna be? Excellent question! Too many users think their sauna should be hot—way too hot. The end result is not staying in the sauna long enough to develop a good sweat, dehydration, and ultimately less toxin flush. If you are going to use a traditional steam sauna, the ideal temperature to heat up to for a healthful session is 150-175°; for an infrared sauna, the temperature needs to only be between 120 and 130°. (Note to self—just because the sauna controls can be set higher doesn’t mean it’s the optimal temperature for a good sauna session!)
  2. How long should I take a sauna? The minimum length of time ideal for a sauna session (sometimes referred to as an inning) is about 15 minutes. Truly, if you intend to use the sauna longer than 15 minutes, it’s good to do multiple innings with breaks from the sauna in-between. Take a 15 minute session, exit the sauna and cool down a bit for at least 5 minutes, then return to the sauna for the next 15 minute session. Be sure to hydrate with water throughout your sauna time, to ensure hydration and encourage toxin flushing.
  3. What about water on the rocks? No, not in your drink, on your sauna’s heater rocks! This is a matter of personal preference. If you’re using a traditional sauna with a heater that stores rocks, you can use the sauna dry. Of, if you prefer the steam experience, you can toss some water on the heater rocks periodically to generate the steam experience. All Helo traditional steam saunas  include heaters that can be used dry or with steam—your choice.
  4. How should I wrap my sauna session? Definitely hop in a shower to rinse your skin of toxins and salts flushed during the sauna. This will also help close your pores. Wash your hair to cleanse any oil buildup. Once you’ve showered, moisturize with a good lotion—one enhanced with vitamins and nutrients. Also, continue to hydrate for at least an hour, to replenish the liquids expelled during your sauna time.

Make a sauna at home to better your health part of your New Year’s resolution. You won’t believe how much better you’ll feel and look. Visit us today to learn about our entire line of traditional steam and infrared saunas from Helo. You’ll never regret it!