Remodeling a bathroom? Add a custom sauna

One of the exciting options for more homeowners remodeling a bathroom is the addition of a sauna to their home. Gone are the days when a jetted tub is a top option for a bathroom update; instead, having a custom sauna retreat is rapidly rising to the top of the list.

When you have a unique space in a bathroom, or when you expand the space, skip the double sink or jetted tub and instead plan for a custom cut sauna. Saunas are incredibly low maintenance once installed, and really give you that opportunity to relax and de-stress after a hard day. Nothing will make you feel more pampered that a session in your own personal steam sauna.

Finnleo Saunas are the masters at creating a custom cut sauna for any space. They really know how to maximize small spaces and provide you with a luxe sauna design. From bench styles to low voltage lighting and contemporary finishes & control systems, you can really create a special sauna retreat. Here are our two favorite choices:

  • Deco Interior —Esa Vapaauori, a renowned Finnish designer, created this luscious deco version of a custom cut sauna design for Finnleo. Furniture quality benches are characteristic of this design. In a bathroom sauna, the addition of the stunning deco glass water bowl with plumbed faucet and fiber optic lighting system are special touches you’ll truly love.
  • Sunburst Interior –This is a fabulous design for a corner sauna design. The sweeping curve of the bench is a terrific design element. Curved bench fronts and curved backrests complement the bench and create great visual impact. Deluxe headrests and low voltage valance lighting are the perfect finishing touches on this design.

In any custom cut sauna you can now add Finnleo’s exclusive new SaunaTone Sound System to enjoy music from your iPhone, iPod or MP3 player. Pop it in to the sound dock and you’re set to enjoy your own personal playlist.

When you’re ready to do that special bathroom remodel, give us a call and arrange an in-home consultation to start sauna planning. You’ll be so excited with your project when it’s finished, and have a unique addition to your home that will provide years of wonderful relaxation!