Where on Earth can you sauna? These options prove…everywhere!

Sauna lovers that like a challenge will love this list. Here are four spots in the world where you can take in the sights, enjoy local culture—and partake in a unique sauna session as well! If you like the distinctive and unusual, these sauna spots should be right up your alley.

  • Visit Milan & take the Sauna Tram. An historical Tram of Carrelliand that once zipped along the streets of Milan has been converted into a BioSauna. It’s now placed on rails in a spa complex in the city’s great park surrounded by the ancient Spanish walls of Milan. Take in the city, and then retreat to this truly individual sauna session.
  • Take a trip to Finland and sauna in a ski lift. In Yllas, you can enjoy the sauna gondola which seats four on your way up to the main sauna that awaits you at the top of the lift. (As a matter of fact, it appears the gondola is actually heated with Finnleo’s legendary Pikkutonttu heater!) Windows allow a dramatic view during your sauna session, which thankfully are designed to not provide a view into the sauna for privacy.
  • How about your own submarine sauna?! (Yes, this is real!) Nordic Marine Living has developed this extreme sauna in cooperation with the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. The sauna is submerged under a floating room with amazing underwater searchlights and windows everywhere you turn. What a way to take in a sauna and enjoy marine life at the same time! “Dreamlike” and “surreal” are words participants have used to describe this experience (along with the obligatory “Ahhhh….”).
  • Finally…this will make you rustic sauna lovers laugh and get excited at the same time! In Russia, the “banya” has been inserted into a 4-wheel drive truck! Users get to drive the truck deep into the Russian woods, pull up to a tranquil lake, and sauna the day away—with occasional cold splashes into the lake. Definitely something for the adventurous to explore on the next trip to Russia.

This proves that human imagination and creativity can help you relax anywhere you want, anytime you want, any way you want! Of course, if you want to just be wild and enjoy a sauna in your own home, we have our terrific line of Finnleo Saunas available to help. Visit us today and take a look!