Exciting product spotlight! The all-new 2014 Hot Spring Prodigy hot tub

Oregon Hot Tub customers love their Prodigy hot tubs. Heck—Oregon Hot Tub loves the Prodigy too! It has a long and storied history as a Hot Spring Spa, debuting way back in 1984 as the Home Spa. It was also the first Hot Spring model to receive the distinction of “Best Buy” from Consumers Digest—way back in 1986!

The Prodigy has remained largely unchanged since 1999. When Hot Spring chose to revamp its entire Highlife Collection for 2014, the Prodigy was given some long overdue love. And we’re really excited by what we see!

Take a look at the new details of the all-new 2014 Hot Spring Prodigy:

  • Dimensions: 6’6” X 7’0”; it remains 33” high so it can still go through a standard doorway.
  • Jets: The jet count has increased to 22, and the jet variety has definitely ramped up! For the first time in its history, the Prodigy is now proudly sporting the famous Moto-Massage DX jet found on the rest of the Highlife Collection. The introduction of the Moto-Massage, along with the addition of the all-new Soothing Stream jet, gives this tub such an exciting array of hydromassage. It’s definitely better than ever!
  • Seating: The variety of the depth of seating has improved, affording terrific seating for everyone in a small footprint, regardless of height.
  • Salt Water Soaking: As with all Highlife Collection tubs, the Prodigy is easily adapted to add the exclusive ACE Salt Water System.
  • Easy Installation: The Prodigy remains a tub that can be operated efficiently on a dedicated 110V outlet. And, with its ability to be leveled, it can be placed on a variety of foundations.
  • High Design: As with the rest of the revamped 2014 Hot Spring Highlife Collection, much attention to detail was paid in the creation of this restyled Prodigy. Everwood HD cabinetry, LED lighting, textured foot well, 100% no-bypass filtration, supreme energy efficiency…all hallmarks of this collection.

You’ve got to see it! You’ve got to try it! You’ve got to own it! Come by one of our showrooms and check out the 2014 Hot Spring Prodigy.