Enjoy Astronomy Day from your hot tub!

Astronomy Day is right around the corner, on Saturday, October 20th. Stargazing is always a terrific thing to do…especially from the peace and quiet of your own hot tub!

This year, Astronomy Day coincides with the Orionids Meteor Shower. While not quite the same show the Perseids Meteor Shower produces in August, a fall night sky provides extra blackness that might make it possible to see part of the Orionids show.

Orionids usually only produces about 20 meteors shooting across the sky in an hour, so keep a keen eye out. There’s a chance of seeing meteors streaking across the sky from Orionids as early as October 17th this year, but the peak time for meteor viewing will be October 20th & 21st.

Always best to retreat to the hot tub for meteor viewing with as much surrounding darkness as possible. Turn off outside lighting, as well as indoor lighting that might shine down on your hot tub area when you head out for your soak. Keep hot tub lighting off during this period as well. Binoculars are always a good idea when trying to spot meteors for shows like Orionids, where the viewing opportunities may be fewer and infrequent during the course of an hour. Early morning hours (after midnight) will provide the best chance to see the show in the night sky. Plus, it will be a terrific serene time to be outdoors and enjoy your hot tub.

Later in the month, bathe in the glow of the Full Moon on October 29th—an entirely different experience from the darkness required to spot Orionids.

Stargazing is always a great part of hot tubbing, especially in the early crisp days of Fall. Be sure to take advantage of this great opportunity!