Take a hot tub & watch a movie, London style

Young Londoners always seem to find ways to have a good time that’s unique and trendy. Brits have always been known to enjoy great cinema, and they’ve discovered the bliss of enjoying a good hot tub soak. Well…why not combine the two?

That’s what Londoner Asher Charman decided to do, and the Hot Tub Cinema was born.


Asher transformed his overgrown rooftop garden in the London Hackney borough into a mini outdoor cinema, equipped with 12 portable hot tubs! Young movie-goers in the area loved the idea, and the group of tubs is now regularly filled to capacity for every movie watching event.

Cost for your movie/tubbing experience varies based on the size of tub you choose to sit in for the duration. For the equivalent of $35 US dollars, eight can cram into a tub, known as the “cosy” option. Prices go up from there, including the “spacious” tub that will seat no more than six people; group rentals are available for $320.

Once you decide on your tub size, you start out your movie night with a glass of champagne during the London sunset. Then, it’s time to strip down to underwear or bathing suits and hop into the tub for your movie viewing.

As you can imagine, get a bunch of young Londoners on a rooftop in Hackney and add hot tubs and…well, it may not be all about just watching a movie. It’s a social event, which could include bikini-clad girls dancing, water fights, even hot tub relays—jumping from tub to tub during your movie. Once the movie wraps, the partying continues on the roof into the evening.

A novel way to meet new folks, you can opt to rent a tub with strangers instead of just a group of friends. One thing is sure: it will be a unique memorable experience! And one that’s become incredibly popular—attendance has doubled in its short existence, and there’s never an empty seat for each event.

If you’re a movie buff and a hot tub lover (and brave enough to strip to your skivvies with strangers!), check out www.hotubcinema.com! You’ll have to hurry—this season of Hot Tub Cinema ends at the end of September. If you do, we’ll want a full report when you return to the States!