The perfect swim spa for small spaces is here

If you’re an avid swimmer that’s always dreamed of having your own backyard retreat for a daily swim but not much room in that backyard, we may have the perfect solution for you!


Hydropool’s AquaSport 12’ fX delivers a terrific option when you just don’t have tons of backyard space to devote to a swimming pool. At just 7’9” wide and 12’6” long, it’s barely bigger than some of the largest hot tubs on the market today. And, with its wide open interior, it affords you the opportunity to achieve the same lap exercises normally only reserved for a pool.


Although this is a compact unit for a swim spa, that doesn’t mean you have to skimp on the things that make exercising in a swim spa so terrific. A rowing machine, fitness kit, and stainless exercise bars are available to outfit the AquaSport, making it a well-rounded swim exercise vehicle. You’ll be quite thrilled with the results! And, with Hydropool’s self-cleaning technology and ozone generation, you’ll be diving into waters that will remain clean and healthy.


Ready to make a splash with your very own Hydropool AquaSport? Visit one of our showrooms today to learn more, or schedule a free backyard consultation. A member of our team will help you with all the details to make your daily-swim-at-home dreams a reality!