Key Mistakes to Avoid for Swim Spa Owners

You’ve decided to buy a swim spa? Congratulations! We hear from our customers all the time how a swim spa has helped changed their lives. But sometimes folks make some novice mistakes as they start getting used to owning a swim spa. We’d like to counsel you on some things to avoid.

  1. Do take a shower. It’s tempting to think it’s perfectly fine to just take the plunge and enjoy your swim spa without a shower first. But make up, body and suntan lotions, hair gels, deodorant—these all come right off in the water and can cause water quality issues and a filter that could get clogged. It’s always a good idea to hop in the shower before hopping in the swim spa. It will do wonders for your water quality!
  2. Do use swim caps. Look, a swim cap will make you feel like an Olympic swimmer. But, it will also help keep hair out of drains and filters and keep everything working in tip-top shape. Always a smart idea to keep a few on hand for guests too.
  3. Don’t leave your swim spa uncovered. There are plenty of great covers out there today for swim spas. It’s tempting to leave it uncovered for extended periods—but that allows for a leaves and other debris to end up in your swim spa and create extra work for you. And, of course it’s a mistake if you want to keep operating costs in check. Do yourself a favor and make sure your swim spa is covered at all times when not in use.
  4. Don’t use household cleaners. There’s a very good reason that there are cleaners created to clean and maintain the look of your swim spa. Many household cleaning products contain harsh chemicals best left to your toilet, sinks and bathtubs. Be sure to use cleaners designed for use with swim spas. Our team will be happy to direct you to the right products to use to keep your swim spa in the best shape possible.

It may feel a little premature talking about swim spas right now—but we know spring is just around the corner! Take heart and get ready for a terrific run of months where your swim spa will hopefully get plenty of use—and good care!