Are you a yoga lover? Try it in your swim spa

Yoga is mired in history and well known for all its health benefits. Did you know…? 30 million people worldwide practice yoga in one of its many iterations! Yoga is terrific to improve breathing, flexibility, and is a terrific way to relieve stress.

If you own a swim spa, you might want to give aquatic yoga a try. The buoyancy afforded by your swim spa allows for yoga to be done by everyone, including those who might be suffering with arthritis or obesity.

Best to practice aquatic yoga with at least one other partner, and of course you’ll need the right gear for performing yoga in your swim spa. Make sure you have a swimsuit that’s snug but still comfortable for the positions you’ll want to perform. Invest in a good pair of aquatic footwear that will give you traction on your swim spa’s surface as well. Both Speedo and Sporti offer excellent options for footwear perfect for aquatic yoga.

When you first take a dip in your swim spa to perform water yoga, start out with some bending and stretching. Walk the length of your swim spa to get your body accustomed to the drag of the water to prep your for your yoga movements.

Here are three examples of aquatic yoga moves you can give a try:

  • The Stork—Stand in the shallower end of your swim spa so the water hits you about waist height. Stand on the floor of the spa and lift your right leg with your leg slightly bent until your thigh is parallel with the floor of the swim spa. Press your left heel firmly on the floor and grab the toes of your elevated leg while straightening your leg fully. Push your foot towards your body to increase stretching while holding your breath for about 10-15 seconds. Alternate to your left leg and repeat.
  • The Triangle—Staying in the shallow end of your swim spa, stand at arm’s length from the wall of the vessel. Grab the edge of the wall with your right hand. Then, spread your legs apart about three feet. Next, extend your left arm upward and over your head and touch the wall with your left hand’s fingers (or as close to the wall as you can). Hold your breath for about 10-15 seconds, and then switch sides to perform the same in reverse.
  • The Cobra—Stand about two feet away from the swim spa wall on the shallow end. Place your forearms flat against the wall and grip the edge with your hands. Stretch upward, arching your head back over your shoulders. This will stretch your abs. Then, rise onto your toes and hold your breath for about 10-15 seconds.

There are other yoga movements that can easily translate to your swim spa. Give a fellow yogi a call and use your swim spa for a session! You’ll love the buoyancy, and performing your yoga routine in the outdoors.