Saunas help police officers with chronic illness from meth exposure

Here’s a compelling case for the value of using a sauna for detoxification.

In 2011, a study was published revealing how sauna use aided police officers in Utah with combatting the effects of exposure to methamphetamine. Sixty-nine officers were involved in the study.

Officers that were repeatedly exposed to meth through breaking up meth labs experienced a number of chronic symptoms, some that led to job disability. These officers entered a program called the Utah meth Cops Project.

The group was assessed before and after the treatment program, which involved exercise, nutritional support and physical therapy that included sauna use. Saunas were used for detoxification purposes in the study.

At the end of the study, the officers experienced significant health improvement, with a reduction in symptoms and improvement of neurotoxicity. The two main components that proved most helpful in alleviating the group’s chronic symptoms: nutritional and sauna therapy. The report also showed sauna use to have positive detoxifying effects against other complex chemical exposures.

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