Buyer beware: a hot tub from craigslist may not be a good idea

We see this scenario all the time: A customer comes into one of our stores who got a “great deal” on a hot tub from craigslist. Now they need a new cover, all their water care products, a pump broke and they need a new one…the list goes on. Suddenly the “great deal” they purchased on craigslist has quickly cost them another $1,500 or more! That just at the beginning before even using the tub!

Here’s something alarming to consider: over the last several years, many people who own older hot tubs have neglected spending the money to keep them in good shape. The economic circumstances for a lot of people changed, and they simply couldn’t afford to do some of the things they normally would have done to their hot tub. Since the tub may now be 5 or 10 years old, the urgency to invest in it has dropped on the priority list. Completely understandable…but are you in the position to be the excited owner of a used hot tub you don’t really know much of anything about?

Tubs that have been drained and left empty for an extended period of time could have suffered freeze damage, shrinking and expansion of plumbing lines in varying temperatures, an equipment bay prone to critters visiting to make a home for a time…there’s a lot that can happen to a hot tub before it’s sold second (or third!) hand.

This is one of the reasons Oregon Hot Tub is in the business of refurbishing hot tubs for resale. We totally get that some people can only realize the dream of becoming a first time hot tub owner on a budget, and we support that dream. Our hope in taking tubs and refurbishing them for resale is that they will find a happy home and be relatively trouble free for many years to come. Can we guarantee something won’t occur? Of course not! But, we can say with confidence that we have done all we can to insure you don’t have any unhappy surprises once you get a previously owned hot tub in your backyard.

Since we’re fortunate to be the dealer for Hot Spring Spas, we’re already well ahead in the chance we can renew a hot tub and offer it up for years of additional enjoyment. We have a team of factory-trained service technicians who thoroughly examine tubs we receive to make sure they are refurbish candidates. If we determine it’s worth the effort, we go to work getting the tub in the best shape possible for a new owner: new filters, cover, equipment no longer working replaced, tested for leaks. When we post a refurbished tub for sale, it’s with confidence and Oregon Hot Tub backing. In fact, we offer a 30 day parts warranty, just in case something pops up right after the tub is delivered, for your peace of mind.

If you’re ready for hot tub ownership, but are on a budget, consider a refurbished spa from Oregon Hot Tub. When money is tight, it’s smart to know you’re investing in something that won’t immediately cost you a lot more money!  Check out our current offering of refurbished hot tubs on our E-Store.