ACE Salt Water Sanitization System

The ACE Salt Water Sanitization System for Hot Tubs is Revolutionizing the Hot Tub Industry

Description: The ACE Salt Water Sanitization System is brought to you by Oregon HotSpring Spas–the Local Hot Tub Expert in Bend and Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington.

The ACE Salt Water Sanitizing System is a revolutionary product that addresses the primary objection to purchasing a hot tub: complicated water care. To put it simply, the Ace System makes hot tub water care simple, safe, cost-effective, environmentally responsible, natural, and, just plain, enjoyable.

The ACE System is built on patented technology that leverages a diamond electrode that breaks down water molecules to create active oxygen, a powerful mixture of four oxidizers: natural chlorine, MPS shock, ozone, and hydrogen peroxide. These oxidizers leave hot tub water crisper, cleaner, and silky soft to the touch. Because the sanitizing elements used by the ACE System—salt and water—are natural, hot tub bathers are less likely to experience the skin and eye irritations and the unpleasant odors and tastes of traditional chlorine water care.

With its advanced engineering and innovation, coupled with its integration into the Hot Spring Spas’ automated IQ control panel, the ACE System makes hot tub water care near hands-free.** The easy-to-navigate control menus make set-up a breeze and the automated salt tests make maintaining water care levels effortless (really, we are not just saying it).* Since the system helps to maintain the target ranges for your hot tub’s water chemistry, you use fewer water care products, eliminate the need for so many unsafe chemicals, and extend the life of your hot tub water. When it is time to change, hot tub water sanitized by the ACE System can be irrigated to flower beds, lawns, etc.

Chlorine-based salt systems have been used in pools for over 30 years, but making the crossover into hot tubs posed several unique hurdles for ACE System designers. Hot tubs have a small body of water that is extremely turbulent and maintained at a much higher temperature. Traditional chlorine-based salt systems fail in hot tubs because the high-level salt requirements make the water corrosive to metal equipment, the higher temperature shorten chlorine life and increases scale, and increased bather loads and low water volume create chlorine level swings.

Like traditional salt systems, the ACE System uses two titanium electrodes that produce natural chlorine. The difference, though, and the reason why the ACE System can maintain proper sanitization levels without being corrosive to hot tubs, is the diamond electrode technology, which requires less salt (1000-1500ppm – slightly higher than tap water) than traditional systems (xxx-4000ppm). In addition, the ACE System is successful because portable hot tubs are built with non-plaster material, allowing ACE System engineers and water care experts to recommend a calcium level of 50-75ppm, rather than the traditional 150-400ppm—maintaining a lower calcium level does not affect your spa if pH is within range.

Other salt water systems exist for hot tubs, but they are bromine-based. While bromine can be more stable in hot tub water, it is more corrosive to hot tub components than chlorine—making the ACE System superior to bromine-based hot tub salt systems. The ACE System has been tested and has proven to offer hot tub owners with a simple water care option that is safe, natural, and nearly hands-free.

If you have questions or are interested in learning more about the ACE Salt Water Sanitizing System, contact your nearest Hot Spring Spas authorized retailer. Many Hot Spring Spa retailers invite you to trade in your current hot tub—providing premium trade-in value and simplifying the trade-in process. If you already use an ACE System, let us know about your experience with this product by emailing

*System is compatible on Hot Spring models: Vista®, Grandee®, Envoy®, Aria ®, Vanguard®, Sovereign®, Prodigy®, and Jetsetter®, manufactured on or after August 5, 2009.

**Manual tests may be required periodically, depending on usage. And cell cleaning is recommended every three months, which is accomplished in minutes.

Note: Installation of the ACE Salt Water Sanitizing System should be performed by an authorized Hot Spring Spas retailer only and can not be used in conjunction with the Freshwater System. Though installation may vary by Hot Spring Spa authorized dealers, most dealers will program your ACE System to your specific hot tub usage during installation. Ask the technician to educate you about the system during set up—you will be amazed at how simple it is to operate.