SilkBalance in your hot tub will help combat dry summer skin

Summer time is one of the times of the year that your skin seems to be put under stress in ways it doesn’t usually have to cope with at other times of the year. Increased outdoor activities expose your skin to increased sweating, as well as extra exposure to UV rays. Heading outdoors into warmer temps and then indoors to air conditioned environments adds extra stress to the skin. And, many tend to shower more often in the summer months, exposing your skin even more to cleansers and hot water.

One way to help your skin combat dry summer skin is by making sure your skin is taken care of when you use your hot tub with SilkBalance.

SilkBalance has been the savior for many people that love their hot tubs but find themselves challenged with dry skin issues. This product replaces the need for using many off the shelf hot tub products that may contain fillers that dry and irritate skin. Because SilkBalance is effective in softer water, there’s no need for higher levels of calcium hardness, allowing you soak in softer water.

SilkBalance also has the added benefit of preventing the buildup of water care products on plumbing lines and inside your tub’s equipment, allowing your soaking environment to be as clean as possible. Finally, the restorative minerals included in the makeup of SilkBalance guards against the typical drying effects of hot water.

If you’re still soaking in old school hot tub chemicals, make the switch to SilkBalance today! Not only will it keep your skin better prepared to fend off the extra drying of summertime, it will enhance your hot tub soaking experience and enjoyment year round! We know you’ll love it. In fact, the makers of SilkBalance offer a money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied—they’re that confident you’ll be a believer once you switch.

Oregon Hot Tub makes it effortless for you to switch over to SilkBalance. Take advantage of our Silky Service, one of our many services our valet team offers. We’ll get your hot tub stripped of old water care products and get you set up and educated on how to enjoy the SilkBalance difference in your hot tub. Give our Service Center a call today to learn more about this terrific service!