Hot Tubs Beaverton, Bend, Camas – Can a Hot Tub Really Improve Your Relationship?

From dating books to in-laws, someone is always offering advice on how to improve our relationships. It’s dangerous territory, but an area that hardly anyone has all figured out. Whether you choose to seek professional help or navigate the waters of your relationship on your own, someone has probably already been there. Luckily, sometimes these suggestions are helpful and we all benefit.

One example is the hot tub. Can it really improve your relationship?  To those of us lucky enough to have our very own private hot tub in our backyard, we already know the answer to that question. And it’s a pretty safe bet that everyone agrees- the hot tub is a terrific way to bring us closer to our loved ones, even in just a few minutes a week.

Taking the Time to Listen- Undistracted – Too often we forget to take the time to truly listen to our significant other. We mean well, but it can be a challenge with smart phones, email and even kids to give complete, undivided attention. Taking a few nights a week and dedicating an hour or so to the hot tub eliminates distractions, making it possible to get and receive this attention. Your relationship gets the jumpstart it needs simply by listening- with all your senses. Take away the stressors and you have an entirely new environment built on complete an undivided attention.

Sharing an Intimate Experience – Any opportunity to share an intimate experience with the one you love builds the foundation of your relationship. All experiences are important, but the intimate time you spend together solidifies your strength as a couple. The hot tub can’t get any more intimate as you relax in one another’s company, letting the effects of the hot tub wash away the day’s troubles. It’s simple, really. It’s just plain difficult to be upset, aggravated or annoyed while relaxing in a hot tub. This experience brings you closer, gives you something in common to look forward to and is an inexpensive and convenient way to share time together.

Bonding over Relaxation and Serenity – Nothing brings a couple closer than the opportunity to bond over a relaxing, soothing hot tub. The warm massaging water is therapeutic- not only for your body, but your mind. A few minutes of peacefulness and serenity between a couple instantly creates a bond that will deepen the love and strengthen the relationship. A hot tub relaxes the mind, the body and the senses, allowing you to take in the entire experience more fully.

Can we really improve our relationships with a hot tub?  Absolutely! From bringing us together through meaningful conversation and listening without distractions to simply sharing an intimate experience, the hot tub gives us the tools we need to reach just a little deeper. In just a few hours a week, a hot tub can open the senses, deepen connections and create a bond that will only strengthen over time.

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