Tips to ready your hot tub for fall

The weather is turning. In the Northwest, that means plenty of outstanding nights out soaking in the hot tub! Is yours ready for the coming season? Here are some tips to make sure you and your hot tub are ready for fall:

  • How’s your cover? Nothing is less fun than lugging a water logged cover off a hot tub, potentially straining the very back you want to give some relief in the hot tub. Not only is that not fun, neither are the electric bills that can result from a hot tub not covered with a sound energy efficient cover. Do yourself a favor: If you’ve been putting off getting a new hot tub cover, do it now! We can get you a cover that fits your tub perfectly. If you want to ditch the traditional vinyl cover for good and get yourself something that will last for years and years and always remain efficient, treat yourself to a Smartop! Made in Washington, this will end your traditional vinyl cover hassles—and it gives your hot tub an instant makeover to boot with its sleek contemporary look.
  • How are your filters? Also not fun: heading out to the hot tub to discover it’s not up to temperature. Many folks thing the culprit is a failed heater, but guess what? More often than not your tub simply needs new hot tub filters. Filters that are too old or too dirty restrict flow to a hot tub’s heater and circulation pump, preventing it from reaching its set temperature. If you haven’t purchased hot tub filters in over two years, you likely need new ones. (Note—If you have Hot Spring’s terrific Tri-X filters, they need replacing less often. About once every four years should do the trick.)
  • Is your ozone system working? Ozone really helps keep your water clarity great, minimizes chemical use, and lets you soak in water that’s far more natural. Ozone bubbles do not necessarily mean your ozone system is fine. Ozone systems in Hot Spring Spas normally inject air through the ozone system, which is the reason for the bubbles. If your ozone system is three years old or more, it may no longer be producing ozone. You can check whether ozone is being produced with this handy detection kit. If you’re handy enough, you can replace your ozone system on your own if it does need replacing. (Be sure to contact our Service Center to ensure you purchase the correct ozone system for your hot tub.) Our Service Center can also replace your ozone system for you.

These three things are key for the coming season! Make sure and take care of these now before fall really takes hold so you can enjoy trouble-free relaxing in your hot tub.