Heading to Finland? Try out a floating sauna cabin

It’s well known that the Finns love their saunas. It’s reported that there are 5.3 million saunas across Finland! It would stand to reason that the Finns would also be the ones to take enjoying sauna bathing to exotic/unique locales to heighten the experience and make a visit memorable.

Enter Saunalautta. Located near Joensuu in the province of Eastern Finland, this will give you a unique outdoors experience you’ll surely think back on for years to come!

Saunalautta is a multi-story cabin floating on the Pielisjoki River. The cabin is affixed to recycled plastic drums on its base and outfitted with an outboard motor to make the cabin mobile. The houseboat portion of the floating retreat allow for bunk space for five occupants. The sauna is a great size, with room for up to 15 adults! Not only can you enjoy a sauna, but you can also climb the ladder to the rooftop deck to sunbathe, and enjoy a 19 foot diving tower to plunge into the river after taking a sauna or just enjoy the Finnish waters.

Other amenities include a fridge, heated shower, trampoline, barbecue, hammocks…plenty to give you a rugged outdoor experience in Finland—along with the most iconic recreational pursuit of a true Finnish sauna.

According to online searches, it appears Saunalautta can be rented for about $410 a day.

Looking for something truly adventurous and a unique way to spend part of your vacation to Finland? Consider Saunalautta. Might need to get a travel agent to help research the retreat. Check out their Facebook page!