There’s something in the water…and it’s ACE!

In our previous entry, we talked about our terrific SilkBalance System and its ability to simplify water care, create a natural soaking experience, and soften your skin while enjoying your tub. Next we move on to our exciting new ACE Salt System.

This system has been taking the hot tub industry by storm—and it’s found exclusively on Hot Spring Spas sold at Oregon Hot Tub.

Hot Spring has been on a mission to tackle the hassles of water care, and take full advantage of its 100% filtration. The new ACE Salt System is the easiest, most hands-free water care system ever introduced. Existing customers who have enjoyed their current Hot Spring Spa for years are stepping up to trade in their old tub and purchase a new one, simply for no other reason than to enjoy this new water care system.

The secret to the success of ACE is the patented cell featuring a diamond chip to help convert salt into sanitizer. Utilizing diamond chip technology gets the salt level low enough in a hot water environment to prevent the corrosion problems created with other salt systems.

ACE is so easy to use, mainly because of Hot Spring’s technologically advanced control panel. The panel is easy to read and simple to use (no programming guide here!).

Let’s talk about how easy it is to start your tub with ACE:

  1. Add a small amount of baking soda to your fresh water, along with the appropriate amount of FreshWater Spa Salt. A small amount of chlorine is added at the start as well.
  2. Enter the correct size of your tub on the control panel.
  3. Enter the number of users expected to use your tub on a regular basis. The diamond chip electrode will produce the right amount of sanitizer from the salt based on the tub size and user level.

That’s it. You’re done starting your tub! Now, let’s talk about what you will do to use the system:

  1. Soak in your tub (with virtually nothing in the water, by the way).
  2. Hit the Clean Cycle on your tub’s control panel.

That’s it. What products do you add after each hot tub soak? Nothing. What do you add once a week? Nothing. Every two weeks? Nothing! Finally, at the one month mark you will test your water for alkalinity and pH levels and adjust if needed; add a half ounce of chlorine to the water; confirm the user level on your tub’s control panel. You’re now free to enjoy your tub for another 30 days!

As with SilkBalance, the salt you soak in helps soften your skin while soaking. You’ll finish your soak with skin that’s silky and soft to the touch, with no need to shower or moisturize.

This terrific video featuring Scott Iverson from Hot Spring really illustrates why ACE is such a revolutionary way to enjoy clean healthy water:

Just as in poker, the clear winner in hot tub water care is ACE! Visit us today at Oregon Hot Tub for a firsthand look…you’ll never regret it!