Fix Cloudy Hot Tub Water—Naturally!

Hot tubs are a great source of fun and relaxation—until the water doesn’t look quite the way it should. Number one rule to healthy hot tub use: don’t soak in cloudy hot tub water.

Cloudiness develops in hot tub water for a number of reasons—lack of sanitizer, pH levels out of balance, introduction of body oils and soap in hot tub swimsuits.

The #1 thing to always correct first when you experience cloudy water is your sanitizer level. Be sure you have enough residual sanitizer (chlorine, bromine) in the water in order to kill the bacteria humans bring to the tub. This not only keeps the water clear, but ensures you’re allowing everyone to soak safely. Once that is in check, get alkalinity and pH levels in the correct range to rule cloudiness out due to imbalanced chemistry.

An excellent way to keep water crystal clear is weekly use of SeaKlear Natural Clarifier. The key to this product is in its title—natural. Unlike other clarifiers to clear up cloudy water, SeaKlear’s clarifier is made from crushed up shrimp, crab & lobster shells, making it the most organic clarifier on the market. It is also 100% biodegradable and non-toxic. Unlike other clarifiers out there, SeaKlear Natural Clarifier adds no oils or other synthetic ingredients to your hot tub water.

A small amount of SeaKlear Clarifier, in addition to weekly shocking of your hot tub water will help keep it clear, balanced, and safe!

Order SeaKlear Natural Clarifier today. Happy soaking!