Celebrate International Dark Sky Week in your hot tub

You may have never heard of this! Did you know that April 13-18 is International Dark Sky Week?

This is the week set aside in April to celebrate the New Moon. It’s actually a worldwide observance. The idea is to turn off all outside lights and enjoy the wonders of the heavens at night without any “light pollution”. The week-long event is endorsed by the International Dark-Sky Association, the American Astronomical Society and the Astronomical League.

What better way to take in the night sky than from the hot swirling bubbly waters of your Hot Spring Spa?

We have to admit: We’re suckers for the terrific LED lighting now standard on all our hot tubs. Not only are they incredibly energy efficient, they’re also outstanding to enhance your nighttime soak and create some lovely ambiance. However, for this particular week, we’d encourage you to resist the urge to turn on the hot tub lights (except maybe for entry and exit for safety purposes) and instead take your soak in the inky darkness of the night.


Before heading out to the hot tub, be sure to turn off all lighting in your house that could inadvertently infringe upon your dark sky experience.


The ideal night to take the greatest advantage of a dark night sky will be Saturday, April 18th, the concluding night of the Dark Sky Week. This is the night of the New Moon, and will afford the best opportunity to view galaxies and star clusters, since you’ll also eliminate moonlight from the equation.


Maybe this will be a great new hot tub soaking tradition for you and your family! Enjoy International Dark Sky Week!