Give meditation in your sauna a try

If you’re a fan of meditation—or have always thought of giving it a try—why not add a unique twist and meditate in your sauna.

An infrared sauna would be an ideal environment in which to give this type of meditating a try. The environment will be warm and healing without being too stifling. Here are some tips on how to give sauna meditation a try.

  • Heat the sauna to about 120 degrees—warm enough to give you that enveloping sense of warmth.
  • If you have a Finnleo Infrared Sauna, your room should also have a way to play music during your meditation. If you’re new to meditation, you might want to download Sauna Meditation. It’s only 99 cents on CD Baby & well worth it! This track is just under eleven minutes. It will guide you through how to begin your meditation session. Once you’ve gone through the steps, the track will offer up several minutes of silence for relaxation before incorporating soothing meditation music for the remainder of the track.
  • Sit erect with your back against the wall of your sauna & place your hands in your lap. Get used to the heat as you relax and let your mind clear.
  • Once you’ve done that for a few minutes, close your eyes. Connect with your body’s rhythmic breathing.
  • When you start to take on a bit of a sweat, direct your mind to recognize the stress now leaving your body. Sweat serves as a vessel to rid your body of dead skin cells, toxins, tension…it will absolutely leave your body and mind feeling cleansed.

If you already meditate, you’ll love this new spin on your traditional session! If you’re new to meditation, or always wanted to give it a shot, what better way to do so than in the healing warmth of your very own Finnleo Infrared Sauna?  We’re confident it will give you just what you need, and help improve your overall sense of well-being!