Turn your swim spa into the family swimming pool for summer

One of the many advantages of a Hydropool Swim Spa is the ability to turn it into the family swimming pool for the summer months. It’s certainly big enough to double as the swimming pool for the kids, and will make for some terrific nighttime swims when the heat of the day starts to cool.

Since we do live in the Northwest, and the summer sun can be a bit unpredictable, it would be smart to choose a good “middle ground” temperature for your swim spa when you want it to double as a swimming pool. While there is a range of temps out there for swimming pools, the recommendation for a good temperature when the summer days may not be overly hot is around 82-86 degrees. This will allow for a nice temperature for most users even on days that may start out a little cooler, and be fine for the warmer hours of the day. (It will also be a yummy temperature for a spontaneous midnight swim!)

Also, note that if you choose to use your swim spa as more of a swimming pool and lower the temperature of the water, you can also lower the level of chlorine in the water. While it’s important to maintain 3-5 ppm of chlorine in hotter water (above 100 degrees), the bacteria that will be able to thrive changes in lower temperature water. Hence, you should be able to adjust your chlorine level down to 1-3 ppm while using your swim spa for a swimming pool purpose.

A great way to keep the kids entertained with the pool in your backyard (and make it the neighborhood spot that’s hot!) is to get some fun swimming pool type recreational items. A portable basketball hoop placed at one end of the swim spa will allow some fun “horse” water ball games. Splitting the length of your swim spa with a volleyball net and you can play some great games of water volleyball. Beach balls, swim goggles, water guns, swim rings…all enhance the recreational fun of a swim spa.

So, if you’re the owner of a Hydropool Swim Spa, think about the above to turn it into your family swimming pool this season. And—if you’re not a Hydropool Swim Spa owner, it’s the perfect time to buy! We’ve got all the advice and expertise needed to transform part of your yard into your recreational paradise. Visit us today, or have one of our experts visit your home for a FREE in-home consultation. We guarantee you’ll make a splash with your entire family—and probably the neighborhood!