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Arthritis isn’t just your grandmother’s disease anymore. In fact, it isn’t uncommon to start suffering with aches and pains in mid life. With more than 70 million Americans diagnosed with arthritis, more and more people are recognizing the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices for easing pain and discomfort.

However, despite new strategies being developed daily, one of the most effective solutions for instant relief from arthritis pain is a hot tub. With heat, massage and buoyancy, the hydrotherapeutic effects of using a hot tub simply can’t be beat.

Heat Relaxes Muscles – When pain is intense, nothing soothes faster than heat. In any form, heat targets pain instantly, relaxing muscle discomfort and soothing aches on contact. Submerging the body in the heated water of a hot tub is all-over relief in seconds. Better than a heating pad, easier than expensive creams and heat activated lotions, a hot tub is relaxing, comfortable and convenient. And because it’s possible to submerge your entire body, a hot tub is the ideal way to reach all aches and pains at once.

Massage Targets Deep Beneath Damaged Tissue – If you suffer from arthritis, chances are you know how a simple massage can do wonders to relieve stiffness and achy muscles and joints. But who has the time or the money to visit the salon when arthritis pain flares up? With your very own hot tub relief is seconds away. Personal massage at its best, a backyard hot tub is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for soothing, targeted massage. The best hot tubs are available with a variety of different sizes and shapes of jets to ensure the most optimal massage. From the neck to the hands and feet, personal massage is easy and quick with a hot tub.

Buoyancy Relieves Pressure – It’s a proven fact, arthritis pain worsens with pressure. That means when you work on your feet, use your hands a great deal or stand for long periods of time, pressure is placed on overworked muscles and joints. Walking, standing, even sitting, can increase pain. While it’s not possible to take pressure off joints completely, submerging in water relieves almost 90 percent of body weight resulting in that feeling of floating weightlessly. Buoyancy is a staple characteristic of the hot tub, and exactly why so many people with arthritis turn to it for instant relief.

Arthritis pain can be debilitating. When prescription medication is not working or too expensive, turn to one of the most commonly used solutions for relieving pain fast and conveniently – a hot tub. With heat, targeted massage and buoyancy, a soak in the hot tub is the fastest, most effective solution for relief.

Portable Spa Sale Bend, Hottubs Portland, OR

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