Want to know the secret of Hot Spring Spas? It’s in the water!

August is National Water Quality month. As part of recognizing this month-long event, it’s only fitting that we take a moment to point out the hot tub that treats its owners to the cleanest most natural water for soaking: Hot Spring Spas.

What’s the secret? Well, there aren’t really any secrets. Hot Spring over the years has painstakingly designed their hot tubs with clean water in mind. It can’t just be a box of water that’s hot. Human beings introduce body oils, lotions, makeup, sweat and bacteria into hot tub water every time we soak. That may not be an attractive thought, but it’s the truth. If your hot tub isn’t designed to tackle all these issues, you could expose you and your loved ones to unhealthy water—totally counterintuitive to the goal of relaxing and rejuvenating in hot water.

How does Hot Spring ensure you get to soak in the cleanest water available? Consider these smart features:

  • All Hot Spring Spas feature a SilentFlo 5000 circulation pump. This terrific “little engine that could” keeps all the water in a Hot Spring Spa clean and ready for use 24 hours a day. In fact, in a 24-hour period, the water in one of our hot tubs will get cleaned 10-22 times a day!
  • All Hot Spring Spas offer two water care options to allow you to soak in water that’s as close to natural as possible:

ß Our tried and true EverFresh System combines the use of powerful ozone with silver ions

to neutralize bacteria. This option allows you to sit in water that’s virtually chlorine free! In

fact, you’ll only need to use about one teaspoon of chlorine a week with EverFresh.  (And by

the way…this system has been available for 18 years!)

ß Our technologically advanced ACE Salt Water System achieves what no other hot tub

manufacturer has managed—a salt water sanitizing option for hot tubs that is easy to

  • operate, integrated simply into the hot tub’s control system. The system not only has the

ability to convert salt into natural chlorine, it creates its own oxidizer and several other

cleaning agents. Not only does the water feel softer than with traditional hot tub water

treated with bottled chemicals, it also smells better and allows water to last longer.

  • Another Hot Spring exclusive feature that helps keep water clean and sanitary—Tri-X Filters. These fantastic filters replace traditional filters with porous ceramic filters. Each one can filter more than double the water than its polyester-filled counterpart. This allows Hot Spring to offer superior filters to any other hot tub on the market. And…you won’t need to replace these filters but once every 4-5 years!
  • All of the above really team up with a benchmark of Hot Spring’s Highlife Collection of hot tubs—100% no bypass filtration. What does this mean? It means that Hot Spring thoughtfully produced a hot tub that will clean 100% of the water 100% of the time. This means that, no matter how many people you choose to soak in a hot tub with, you’ll always be sitting in water that’s 100% cleaned. No dirty water will ever shoot out at you through the jet system like it will in other hot tub brands. It certainly makes a lot of sense, yet it’s still a Hot Spring exclusive.

All of these terrific design details allow you to soak in the cleanest water in any hot tub, night after night, week after week, year after year. The National Sanitation Foundation awarded Hot Spring with its NSF P181 certification in 2006. It certifies that Hot Spring—and only Hot Spring—builds hot tubs that combine hot tub health and safety requirements for circulation, filtration, heating and sanitation of hot tub water.

So…celebrate National Water Quality month in your Hot Spring Spa! And—if you don’t have a hot tub yet, well get yourself down to one of our showrooms and see for yourself firsthand why Hot Spring is the world’s best-selling brand of tubs. Make an appointment to try out our tubs. Not only will you see and smell the difference of the water in our tubs, you’ll also feel the difference! Believe us…it’s definitely in the water.